Saturday, November 21, 2015

Warehouse 421

Last night we attended the opening of a new hotspot in town, Warehouse 421.
Located in the Mina Port Zayed area of Abu Dhabi, Warehouse 421 is a an art exhibition space that's definitely something new and exciting for the city.

The opening was fantastic, with food trucks, workshops and of course, the exhibits to explore. We loved the seating areas made of crates, cushions, palettes, and I think even sacks of flour (can't remember exactly what the contents were). There were parkour performers literally tumbling on top of shipping containers, and between the diverse crowd as well. It was a pleasure walking throughout the complex exploring and discovering what was around each corner. 

This was just one of the interesting sculptures we stumbled upon.

I enjoyed this exhibit by French photographer Jack Burlot that captured moments in the life of those that work in the Mina area.

Sweden-based folk group Tarabband was there to entertain in honestly one of the coolest settings I've been to.  Nestled between traditional dhows that were lit up, the crowd gathered on palette platforms with bean bags on top and swayed to the music.

It's definitely a welcome addition to the list of venues to frequent here in Abu Dhabi, and such a beautiful space to foster appreciation of the arts. I'm especially excited about future workshops they may be holding and really hope they continue with to host musical performances.

Did you attend? What did you think of the space?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Marhababy box and Babyshop freebie!

Baby #2 is on the way so I was very excited to pick up a Marhababy box. The box is free for expecting moms, and is super easy to sign up for. Just plug in your details on the Marhababy website and select your closest "Babyshop" to collect the box from.

Inside the box was a pack of newborn diapers, tissues, mama related magazines, a booklet of discounts for a variety of products from Babyshop (some as much as 20% off!), samples of baby toiletries and detergent, as well as a voucher for a newborn photoshoot session- which I was VERY excited about until I saw that it had expired in July. Boo :(

Every little bit helps, so I definitely encourage you to sign up if you have a little one on the way!

Oh and here's another tip- while picking up your box at Babyshop, pick up one of these magazines around the store as well. 

Inside you'll find a card you can fill out and hand in at the counter to redeem a free baby book! It's actually really cute!

P.s. We made Top 10 in the competition to win an apartment! If you've got a moment to spare, please vote for our video (labeled Skn Vlogs) here:

Thank you!

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